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Natural stones are porous to different degrees. For example, granite is very dense and strong — darker colors are denser than lighter ones. Its strength and beauty make granite the perfect choice for your kitchen. Marble is not as dense and requires a little more care, making it better suited for counters outside of the kitchen.

Protect Your Investment: Seal It
To protect and maintain the beauty of your investment in granite, marble, travertine, and other natural stones, apply a penetrating sealer after installation. The sealer slows down the penetration of spills and helps make it easier to clean them. Troublesome spills include oils and acids such as citrus juice and red wines.

You can purchase penetrating stone sealer at most hardware and home improvement stores. These sealants are very easy to apply – simply wipe it on and off with clean rags. Re-apply the sealer every 12 months to keep your stone looking gorgeous.

Daily Cleaning
For daily cleaning, simple is best: warm water and a mild soap. Avoid household cleansers with ammonia, abrasive powders or creams, or acids such as lemon. These products can etch or dull your stone’s natural shine.

Stone Care Tips

  • Seal your stone, marble, and tile surfaces immediately after installation.
  • Use cutting boards for cutting to prevent scoring or scratching the sealer.
  • Use coasters on your marble surfaces to prevent water rings.
  • Clean up spills quickly. Acids (even orange juice) can etch marble. Dark liquids, like red wine, can stain light-colored granite.
  • Use water and mild soap for daily cleaning. You can also use neutral stone or tile cleaners, but be sure to test them in a small, inconspicuous area first.
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