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StoneWorx is fortunate to have worked on many beautiful projects over the years. Our granite and tile installations have graced the floors, showers and counters of many homes and businesses including numerous multi-million dollar homes throughout Southern California.

Our projects are notable mainly for what you don't see:

  • seams
  • slab mismatches
  • surface imperfections

Our craftsmen carefully select and work each piece of granite by hand to ensure the graceful “flow” from one slab to another. The result is that it’s very difficult to see any seams or imperfections in the finished product.

A StoneWorx project wouldn't be complete without custom touches such as:

  • rounded inside corners
  • smoothed granite under edges
  • contouring under sink mount cutouts

Our principal stone artisan is David Graham.
David has over 25 years experience in the construction industry and is highly regarded for his granite and tile knowledge, custom designs, and emphasis on quality.

Over the years, David has built his business into what is today StoneWorx Inc., specializing in natural stone fabrication and installation including granite, marble, travertine and solid composite surfaces such as Ceasarstone®.


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